Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yes...I am still ALIVE!!

Holy COW!! What a chaotic little world I have been living in lately! I can hardly believe that it is November, let alone MID November! So much has been going on...yet when I was chatting with a pal yesterday and they asked, "So where have you BEEN FarmGirl?" I simply did not know....where have I been? What HAVE I been doing? Hell if I know...I just know that Christmas is nipping at my heels and I have lost that summer tan....what the HECK is up with that?

So how does time pass us by so quick? What is really so important that you lose contact with friends for a week or more at a time? Life....that is what happens. It seems that I have so little time lately, that what time I DO have, I am trying to spend it with FarmBoy and Ky. But that is the story of everyone's life, right!! I just am not a good time manager, and I tend to be a little OCD when it comes to my job--I just cannot relax if I have things that need to get done. If I leave work with a big fat list of things to do....even if I AM home...I tend to fret about what is left at work. Personal problem.....I know.

(I am checking my photobucket for cools back.....)

Ok....I don't even have any cool pics to that is SAD!! (Ok...mental note...I need to get a grip on my life.) Who goes a full month without taking a picture? Now I am frustrated! I had no idea until I just went to my photobucket, that I have NO PICS!! Not even ones that need to be downloaded! Crap, crap, crap!

Enough whining...I know! I like lists, so I will make a list now as to what we have been doing....maybe then it will make me feel like I haven't lost an entire month.

1. Farming - FarmBoy has been hard at it. We still have corn and beans in the fields, but I think (I really don't know for sure) the wheat is in. I love the gets green so early in the spring, when everything is all brown and dead from winter. Wheat symbolizes hope for me....

2. Ky - I am so proud of her. She has been selected for the National Young Scholars Program. How is it that a child, meerly 10 yrs old, can be so incredibly grown up? And how did it happen? (Again...I have issues with time--DUH!) She was nominated by her teacher and principal for her "ability to demonstrate exceptional maturity, scholastic merit and leadership..." Talk about puffing up like a big ole' rooster! I have been strutting around, eager to tell anyone who will listen! It is a week program (out of state....yikes!) that will stimulate her creativity/curiosity with fun, engaging projects. No parents are allowed AND it costs $1900...but we are looking at maybe a fundraiser/sponsership. So I have been trying to research fund my free time of course!!

3. House - This is ticking me off. We spoke with a contractor 3 mos ago, he gave us a bid, and gave us a worst-case-scenario date of Nov 1. Go ahead...ask me......the answer is............... NOOOO!! He has not been by, called--nada. So FarmBoy called him on Friday to find out what was going on (he was worried about what I would he called instead of me) Well, Mr. Hawkins (ya...I said his THERE!!) forgot about us! Can you believe that! FarmBoy asked when he could fit us in...he said mid-December! FarmBoy let him know that his wife was not going to be too thrilled about this, and let him know we would call him back. Needless to say, FarmBoy was defending this joker before he even told me what happened (the male species cracks me up!) And now it is the principal of the matter....I can't get anyone to put our windows in any sooner, but I'll be damned if Matt or his dad touches my windows. I mean, seriously.....if you don't want to do the job, then say it....I CAN handle the truth. But no, the 2 jerks stood in my living room singing the song I wanted to hear, instead of being honest...saying that they would not have the time to get to it. Well BITE ME!! I've gone this long with those rickety old ass windows, I can wait until spring!! In the mean time, I will be running my big ass mouth to anyone that listens to me.....and get this......we were paying cash!! And they were getting $1000 to do a 2 day job...CASH!!! Freakin' morons!! I can see it now...I am going to have to buy one of those DIY videos at Home Depot on how to install windows, and I will be out there this spring trying out my new "trade". Now that, folks, is some funny shit.....cuz I am NOT handy...I am crafty (and a little bitchy), but NOT handy!

Ok....enough for now. But all is well in my neck of the woods....just working like a mad dog. I know I won't get to post least for a week or so, so I must let you know what has me all excited this week.......TWILIGHT!! Check out the movie trailer....I am pumped who else is going to be seeing this???

Have a wonderful week everyone....I do miss chatting with you all...I have been a bad bloggy friend. I will return soon! I will try to stop by and visit you all! Thanks for thinking of me!! TaTa for now!!