Thursday, July 31, 2008

4H Fair Friends

We survived...the 4H Fair!!

Well, as I mentioned earlier, the 4H fair was last week. And what a treat it was! Hard work, no doubt and a little warm, but hey, no harm in a little sweat, right? We started off the fair Friday night, July 18th, with entering exhibits in the hall. Crazy!! I left my "fair bible" (the fair book) at home and had to mooch off of fellow Merry Martins....they are so great! So we completed the forms needed and were waiting to be called for Ky to meet with judges when this short smart ass woman from another club was getting all cranky with our kids....long story short, all clubs have a sign in time, ours was at 4. She was "cheating" and trying to register her kids stuff when our club whoever you are lady, take a happy pill and relax! Sheesh!! It really amazes me how parents act, sometimes more immature than their kids! Ky ended up getting all blue ribbons on her exhibits (4) and a blue on her ham!! YEAH!

The next day was the beef show...what we have been busting our butts for weeks on. We got up at the butt-crack-of-dawn...shoot, not even dawn....did you know that it is still dark at 4:30 am?? Anyway, we showed up to the fairgrounds at a little before 7, and tried to get settled. Well low and behold, Mid-MO 4H group is special...why, I am not for sure. But they had a whole side of the barn "reserved" with a big ole' banner stating their lovely name going across. They must have done it the night before, because, guess what! They were no where to be seen! Most of them didn't show up until mid morning....hmmmmmmmm, interesting.Thought it was a first come first serve, but nope....I guess MidMO Club has some clout somewhere. the beef show went great...a little disappointed that since there were not any entries for grooming or showmanship for Ky's age, she got bumped an age group, but she did a great job and learned a lot. That little Montgomery girl is so sweet...and kicks butt at grooming! Ky ended up taking Grand Champion for the Bucket Calf class...she was excited and will tell you that the beef show was her favorite!

That same night the dog show took place at 7pm. Poor Ky was beat! She had busted her butt all day keeping her stalls cleaned and fresh water for calves, but she headed off to the next event without even complaining. Ladybug (Ky's long haired Daschund)was a little "hot", to say the least...and did not do so good in the first event. I must say the rude ass lady in front of me almost had the privledge of wearing my gatorade because of her thoughtless comments...when Ky walked up, she said, "Well great...the girl that wins everything. Who told her she could be here?" I ignored her, the good, rational parent that I am (HA!) and watched the show....the hateful woman's kid won that class and smirked, saying "showed her!" (again, I kept quiet...what's up with that??)Ky was pooped, and while waiting for the next class, fell off a brick pilar and scraped under her arm. I ran down to her and she said, "Mommy, I am just so tired" but I let her know that we finish what we start and to just try her best. When I got back up on the bleachers, hateful hoochie looked at me. I told her as sweet as could be, "what a great sport she is!" and took my seat behind her. The old bag moved! Ky ended up taking Grand Champion in obedience...but more than that, she learned to never give up & to have fun! The obstacle course was the funniest....Ladybug went under the hurdles, around the hool-a-hoop and did not want to move! We were all laughing and kept yelling at Ky..."keep going!" When they finally made it to the end, everyone, except the hateful hoochie, clapped and hooted for her! It was great!

I am going to end my tale here and continue later. But one comment I want to make about our 4H Club...these people are amazing. They came out to support their fellow Merry Martins in the different events, even if they themselves were not participating. Ky had a long day and was getting discouraged after she fell and got hurt. But they rallied--parents & kids...came over to watch Ky....Mae F, Noel & Becky S + Steven, Vicki D & Morgan, Megan G, Kerri D, and others came by too. It just amazes me how people took time out of their busy day to show their support. Sometimes that is all someone needs to lift their spirits...people that believe in them. That Saturday was a wonderful day....we had tears and lots of sweat, but we as a family learned that it truly is the little things that make a difference....we just need to stop and appreciate it.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Time is SO not my Friend!!

Ok, a few moments are left...the phones are quiet and I have a week of stuff I want to share! I cannot believe that it is Tuesday and I am so unprepared. I am still uploading pics to photobucket, which is slow today,and trying to catch up on work. But I want to share so much!! AHHH!! 4:30 and my hubby and kid wanna go check out Mark Twain Lake tonite..."we'll be ready at 5" he said. here's the low down and will post more later.

**4H Fair July 18-23 A blast...I love the fair, except my hubby is limping around b/c he fractured his foot....clutz!
**Played Bunco for the first time...OMG, too much fun! Especially the story telling....what a blast!
**Rain, Rain and more rain!! Mark Twain Lake has surpassed flood of 1993 stages. Dam can't hold more than 640 ft and that happened today at 12!! check this link for pics!! In the body of the 1st page, there is link for lake pics...check out pics from this past Sun/Mon....not good at all!!!
**And I am officially late! I gotta go folks, but check the link and details of other stuff will follow! Take care...and whoever keeps doing the rain dance, can you pretty please stop!! NOT funny anymore!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Proof of Nana's Ride

Who Would've Thunk It?

Many of you know my mom--a proper lady that knows what she wants out of life...independent & hard working. Many see my mom as prim...maybe even a little uptight, but it's an act folks....a beautiful show that she has perfected over the years. We all know that she & I have had our quables in the past, but as mother hood paid me a long-term visit about 10 years ago, she's really not that bad. "What?!" some of you may think.....Heather is not only praising her mom, but BLOGGING about it? Well, we only have one mom in this world and I think mine is pretty awesome....and she continues to amaze me.

Prime example, Ma & Pa (I don't really call them that, I just wanted to feel like Little House on the Prairie for a brief moment) Anyway, my parents came out yesterday morning to help with these goofy bulls we are trying to get ready for fair. Dad brought out some paint to touch up the grooming shoot and mom came along for the ride. Ky & I had to go to Bowling Green to the Feed Store there (told you Mike would make me go on errands!!) and when we got back....I don't know if it was the fresh cow-poo scented air or what....but my mother got CRAZY!! Not only did she agree to get ON a 4wheeler, but the Wild Southern Belle herself drove the dang thing...and I have proof! Didn't believe me did you....I was in shock! Now it did take about 5 minutes to explain to her that this was an automatic, so there was no clutch.....but then ZOOM!! She was off! I was in such shock I stood there motionless....she really did it!! She was driving....but not just any driving, no siree!!! She was hootin' & hollerin" like a wild banshee, laughing and speeding around the farm!! She went on a heck of a joy ride! They zipped around the barn before I knew it and I ran out into the field to catch the woman in action....she was too fast for me....all I could get were these "still" shots. What a riot it was! This woman, my mother, who had never driven a 4wheeler in her life....continues to amaze me!

Life is about taking chances, trying new things and hooting as loud as you can every now and then.'s yours, so why not enjoy it?

Thanks Mom!!!

No Bull...getting ready for 4H 2008

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Out for the day...

Today is a glorious day....don't have to juggle as many hats around today. Oh yes...the working mom is off today. Now keep in mind that a day off usually generates more work, because I typically push many things off til' laundry, dusting, and in my case, even grocery shopping. I woke up this morning to find I was out of milk, bread, cereal and fruit! What kind of mother am I? Where did my Friday night grocery shopping excursion at Wal-Mart go? Oh wait, that's right...I am sure I was messing with those "steaks" in my backyard! Funny that I don't have a thing to eat in the house, but I have a nice Ribeye steak in my barn! Oh, the irony...

So today I am mom...we are picking up our ham, finalizing our 3 recipes for Ky's cooking exhibits, finishing up the rabbit nesting box, wash the dang bulls, grocery shop (momma is hungry!) and I noticed that my dear hubby used the last towel last night, so let's throw some laundry in. Somewhere in this mix, I am sure Mike will think I am his "hired farm hand" for the day and I will throw in a few trips to MFA, Sydenstricker's and where ever he thinks I have the time to go.....maybe I should go in to work???

Sheesh...I think I am a bit crabby....maybe I should just go to bed and start over? it goes.................

Hey all! I am out for the day! Enjoying Ky and my loving hubby! What a grand day this will be! I hope you all have a great day! Chat with you soon!!

OK...that makes me nautious....if anyone really wakes up feeling like that...all chipper & happy...stay away until at least 3pm!!! Later!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Ok, so I like to think of myself as "prepared"--a gal who can roll with the punches. Let me tell you, getting ready for this year's 4H Fair is about to make me an even older woman! Last year was our first official year, and it was pretty smooth sailing, we had the rabbits ready, dog was primed...that was it. Well, the bigger the lifestock, the bigger the headache. I am typically a "town" girl (Mexico cannot be called a "city" way, no how) and I married a farmboy. I love the farm life....the freedom of the wide open spaces. I think I have adapted pretty well, I've always loved cooking and being outside. My idea, however, of large "lifestock" is my 80 lb Weimeraner dog. Our daughter begged us last year that she wanted to do the bucket calf class. They were so cute...yada yada yada...fine with me. I was excited. We got our 120lb "babies" the 2nd week of April and it was wonderful...bottlefeeding and lovin' on them, they were so sweet!

Feeding baby bull calves


Now, they are close to 350-400 lbs...and let me tell ya, they are a force to be reconed with. Oh, and by the way, they are BULLS...need I say more. We have been working these little hellions every morning and night for 2-3 hrs each time, and they are a mess!! When they were little, they would nudge you with their heads....I am here to say that the "nudge" has now become a full blown headbutt! I was sweating my big ole butt off wrastling them (no that is not a typo, because it was not wrestling...I wrAstled them, or rather they wrastled me). Now their goal is to see how far they can push me to my limit....they have taken to crapping in their fresh water. Now Missouri weather is not pleasant in July & I become slightly insane when I get overheated (or so I have been told! HA) So, picture my poor 10 year old girl's dismay last night when we haul the 2nd bull's water to only find the 1st one has crapped in his water! Long story short, I ended up with crap all over me, head to toe. I was sweaty, from cleaning out the dry crap from the stock trailer, and ended up with a fresh poo scented body spray. Who ever said cattle are a dumb animal, have not met my 2 masterminded bulls. Best of luck to Ky and her show on Saturday. May God bless us all!!

(For all that are interested, fam & frens, I've posted the fair schedule link below!!)

Thursday, July 10, 2008


My rambling.....blah blah blah

Well, the initial excitement of starting my own blog is still all I can think about. I have checked other blogs out and am amazed at what others are doing. I thought I was doing good...added a slide show and finally got the stat counter uploaded. Who knew all this info was out there? I have been slacking in my online studies because I have been too preoccupied in playing around on blogs. The information available out there is almost too overwhelming! I have been trying to "squeeze" in time for my new knowledge around work, but have found that all I can concentrate on is checking out all this new stuff...a door has been opened to a very large world. Many people know that I am generally a simple person...."ignorance is bliss" attitude on many things (only because I don't want to waste precious time on negative things--frustration, anger, etc) ANYWAY, (as I continue to blabber about nothing at all....) I have found that my ignorance with technology is not did all of this "stuff" get created and perfected in such a short time? It is really mind boggling...but I digress. Let's change the subject before I get lost in my own thoughts.......

Last night was a pretty interesting night. The 4H fair kicks off next week, so our procrastination has been knocking on our door the past few days. We have two bucket bull calves (my hubby STILL has not had the vet come "fix" them..."the poor fellas" my hubby says each time I ask about it) so they were a bit rowdy last night when we were leading them around. Stormy, who is usually the biggest pain, was for the first time a good little boy. Thunder, on the other hand, was a pain in the hiney! He kept bulling up and head butting Mike in his backside, making Mike fall a few times. I took him once and I currently am wearing a large black bruise on my outer thigh. Those "little" boys are pushing at least 350lbs!! It was just few months ago we picked them up and put them in the trailer!! I seriously am reconsidering their names...TBone & Ribeye are sounding pretty good! Kidding of course, sheesh! We can't even handle the idea of getting them fixed, for Pete's sake!!

Enough rambling for now. I must attempt at being productive today and go to work. Have a blessed Thursday!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mental Preparation for the Farmer's Market

Believe it or not, nothing exciting to report today. It is Wednesday---Hump Day, and the only thing about today that has been enjoyable so far is my fountain Coca-Cola this morning. It is currently noon, which is when I usually enjoy the flashback lunch hour with Bex...but I am going to break routine and skip it today.

Rain is getting old, isn't it? I was watching the news last night and it is amazing that we here in the Midwest are so wet and California is fighting fires because it is so dry. There just does not seem to be a happy medium anywhere. We had another 3 inches of rain out at our farm...water everywhere. I have finally given up hope for my little I will be now be one of those crazy ladies standing behind the "starting line" at our local farmers market anxiously waiting for good ole' Sue Caine to blow that whistle! I mean, she BLOWS it too...all authoritative. It used to crack me up, but I will have to pay attention to her body language so that I may get a head start on those other biddies. They are brutal!! Have you ever been to the market at 8am when the whistle blows to "start shopping"? It is an old woman rat race....a few years ago I swear I was attacked! They are ruthless...I must find my steel toed boots before I even TRY to go this Saturday. The canes are what you have to watch out for...OUCH!

Enjoy!! And if anyone has any extra squash or zucchini....let me know!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Monkey Juice 101

It was a day of survival of the fittest. Humanity vs Monkey Juice. Isn't it funny how one will have the best of intentions, yet that's not what really happens? That was me on this 4th of July.
Intentions: Parade & BBQ in Laddonia, then head home around 2ish
Outcome: Monkey Juice (courtesy of Mitchell ) and drama for this mama

Only in Laddonia, Missouri can one create their own drunken parade of fun times. Cruisin' the ever-so-populated streets via a 1950 John Deere Model A tractor pulling a wagon of straw,monkey juice & "local color"...who knew that a simple trip to a fish fry (I love spoonbill...mmm mmm good) would lead to a memorable day for all. I sure as heck didn't, nor did any townspeople in the area! What a good time we all had.....heck, even the mayor's wife hopped on for a tour of the town. Then there was the drama from Mr. Mike Williams himself....of course my mouth had NOTHING to do with it, despite what my husband may say. I felt like Rodney King..."can't we all just get along?" But of course, whenever alcohol is involved, someone gets a little out of hand. It was a bittersweet ending to a fantastic day.....a memory (yes I remember, thank you very MUCH!) that will always be blamed on the Monkey Juice.

So remember folks, if Mitchell Montague is handing out drinks from a 5 gallon orange is MONKEY JUICE....and be afraid, VERY afraid!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

July 3, 2008

Ok, I am a fairly intelligent woman, but there is alot that I didn't realize I did not know. I truly am a beginner, trying to self teach myself in this vast world of modern over-my-head technology. Who knew that adding a stat counter would stump me....or that I would have to look up "how to get your URL"...which made me feel really ignorant, because the answer was so simple---DUH!! But I made it through my first day ok, and am still plugging away today. So a big kudo to all that have journeyed down this same path...there is a finish line, right?

What a storm we had last night....we had water everywhere...can't remember the last time it was like that. My hubby & I were outside trying to get things inside (the storm came fast w/o any warning) and the temperature raised about 15-20 degrees and the wind....we could barely get back to the house. I was really felt like I had just opened the oven door.....the temp changed like a slap in the face. We got inside and calmed the wild child down, turned on the radio...nada....."rain passing through the area"! Idiots...sometimes the weatherman just needs to step outside of his little building and REALLY assess the problem. GET A CLUE!! The wind was so hard that it picked up our cement secured swing and threw it up against the pool, breaking, not just bending, breaking the arms on the swing where my husband welded it a few years ago. That swing has been through a tornado and never did that. Did the same thing to my father-in-laws swing 1/2 mile down the road. It was just rain passing through...or so the local expert said. Idiots....paid idiots.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

July 2, 2008

Well, here it goes, my first blogging entry. I've been wondering what all the hype is, and now I will find out. Seems simple enough, but I always seem to make things a little more complicated. Let me start with a little about myself.....I am a farmer's wife and mother of one. I live smack dab in middle america on our 5th generation farm. I work outside the farm, my "day job", for a medical supply company. Insurance sure is a pain in the butt...sheesh. I feel my life has come full circle and am pleased w/ how things turned out. I used to sit and dream of how my life would turn a teacher, marry some rich, dark and handsome fellow. But who needs a fairytale, I live on a beautiful farm, have a blond blue eyed farm boy (who really is corn fed, by the way) and a great daughter. My employers are fantastic and "get" the family is first cliche. So, yeah for me...and I promise I will write something interesting sometime soon. I am anxious to hit the post button for now, so simple simple simple today.