Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Photo Tag I am dawdeling today....(is that even spelled right??) Anyway, I have lotsa catching up to do, and Momster tagged me like AGES here is my response.


What you are supposed to do is pull up your photofile, open the 4th file folder and post your 4th photo in that folder.

This is a photo of our little gal.....swinging away on her tree swing! She was so proud of this swing, her and FarmBoy made it together while I was at work one day. This was actually one of the last "nice weekends" we had this fall. If you look close, you will see that she is sitting on a towel....they did not have the patience to SAND this swing before trying it out, and Ky had a big ole' splinter in her butt!! Still, instead of sanding it (after the splinter was removed) they covered the seat with a towel! Poor ole' Strawberry Shortcake was full of filth the entire weekend!! Yep...I was too lazy to sand it too...and the towel DID prevent splinters in the who cares about Strawberry Shortcake and her splinters!!

So if you want to join the your pic and leave a comment on here for me to come take a peek...I promise to work on my timeliness.....really I do!!!! Cross my heart....hope to die...stick a needle in my eye.......

Funny Christmas Carol

Ok....I just got this email, and at first, I could not figure what the heck this guy was singing...then, as I scrolled down the page....the lyrics were there! I guess this especially made me laugh since my first job was at a "burger joint". Anyway....take a made me smile!!

Ding Fries are DONE

Monday, December 8, 2008

Wrestling Tourney

MHS Takes 1st Place!!!!!!

This was an amazing tournament this weekend! The local highschool took 1st place! My best pal Angie made this video and I just had to post it! Please check it out, the more people look, the higher it will move up in the search. Ang asked that I help her a big ole thankyou in advance!!

(I promise to post more later...)