Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our Anniversary

Check out this video montage that my pal Angie made for us! I just LOVE it!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We're Not in Kansas Anymore!

Trampolines are obviously NOT for country people! We had a heck of a storm blow in this past Sunday morning. When we looked out the window, we saw Ky's trampoline swingin' in the wind. This was tramp#2, as #1 was replaced last year.

When Ky returned from her friends house later that afternoon, she just looked at us with those puppy dog eyes, trying NOT to cry....

KY: "Can I get a new one? I'll help pay for it." (sniffle sniffle)

(What do I say to that?)

FarmGirl: "Sure thing."

Ky: "Why did the wind have to do that again? I like my trampoline. Can you sew it?"

(Uh, no....have you ever seen me sew?? Not pretty, believe me!)

FarmGirl: "I don't think that would help. We will try to get you another one soon."

Ky: "Can you try to sew it? It wouldn't be hard." (more sniffles)

FarmGirl: "We have to get it out of the tree first, then we will see."

Ky: "I hate that tree!!!!!!!!"

And off she ran....no longer able to be brave. She later came in to help fold laundry and apologized for saying "hate". All over a trampoline, and the funny thing is....I wanted to cry! I felt like I had taken her best friend away!

Dang ole' WIND!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Survival...On and Off the Court

So today I am taking a breather, one I am sure I will regret later. It is not that I don't have other things that need to be done, it is that I cannot focus to do them, or at least that is what I tell myself.

I digress....

Basketball has become a part of my life, and get this....I LIKE it! I never played basketball, my "girls" always got over stimulated running up and down the court. So I was a full-time "backseat driver" in the stands as a kid, "Brett is OPEN!! HELLO!!" I would yell, even though I knew nothing about wing men and whatever. Well, I know now that life truly is full-circle because once again, I am yelling in the stands, yelling at the refs, stomping my feet. Only now, I am in a 33 year old body, that needs assistance from her loving hubby to "navigate" through the bleachers safely! Dear lord, what has my life come to!

Ky is doing great with basketball (this is her 1st year) , just a little on the passive side. Her first game was somewhat painful because you could see her apprehension on the court. She was practically GIVING the ball to whoever wanted it...she was "SHARING". When the other team players would bump into her or push her around, she was apologizing to them...she was being "KIND".

I understand where her confusion comes from, because as parents, we do sometimes send mixed messages. We raise our kids to share, be kind, blah blah blah. During my first, "Don't LET the other team take that ball!" speech, she was totally confused. What happened to my "use your manners" speech? Where DID it go?

I'll tell you where....OUT THE DOOR! Those girls were pushing my baby around, and I'll be danged if I just sit by and watch! Well, that crap is over, I say!! OVER!!! I have toughened up my little cookie and last weekend..................

WHAM!!!!!!!!!! The other team tried to take the ball from Ky, and she almost grew 6 inches and made the scariest face I have ever seen...twisted HARD from side to side and THREW that girl on the GROUND!! I was in the corner yelling, "YA......YA!! That's my girl!!!" I almost cried, I was so dang proud! That team was NOT going to push her around, and SHE was taking care of herself......BY herself! A very proud moment, indeed!

I will admit that I felt kinda bad, hootin' and hollerin' at the other girl's expense--but that was MY girl being thrown to the ground just a few weeks ago. And as a parent, we have to teach our kids to be strong, emotionally and sometimes physically, otherwise, they'll spend alot of time being "knocked down". I will say that this alter basketball ego has been tough on Ky, maybe even tougher that running up and down the court for an hour. Even when this little gal was being the aggresser and Ky stood her ground last weekend, Ky's little hand went down to help her up. What a sweet little soul she is.

My cup runnith over.