Monday, October 20, 2008

I've been TAGGED!!

Tina Bug has tagged me, so here are a few random facts about me (I know you have all been dying to learn more!! HA!)

1. I do NOT like nuts in my brownies, cookies, bread...NADA! If I want nuts in my food I will add it myself, thank you very much!

2. I love LOVE auctions. My record to date is about 6 hrs and 10 minutes. And boy oh boy...did I get me some DEALS!!!

3. I am dreadfully hateful when overheated....I am actually thinking of tatoo'ing a warning label, just in case!

4. I start playing Christmas music around Halloween...right now I have found my Point of Grace Christmas CD. I am trying to be strong and not play it, but I "fondled" it this morning....and I am thinking my will-power to resist is about out.

5. Speaking of Christmas, I am also considering watching ELF this weekend! I just love that movie!! (Can you tell, I LOVE Christmas)

6. My beloved friend, Ang, (she posted a few comments on the post previous to this) thinks I am I am getting a 2nd job for this Christmas season. I hate to do it, but I don't want to stress about the money this year...and I love GIVING presents and I MUST go to Branson, MO....not an option!

7. I love Branson, MO....I just love it. Walking along the Landing--wandering aimlessly into the yummy shops, watching the ducks, listening to the music on the streets. I love strolling along the cobblestone road, the sidewalk vendors....and Joe's Crabshack! Our favorite time to go is in the winter, before Christmas. The Festival of Lights cannot compare to ANY light show I have ever been to. Just thinking about it makes me all giddy....I have attached the infamous Christmas Tree Lighting at Silver Dollar City--it is what they call "An Old Time Christmas". Many types of Christmas music, from Polar Express to some of my favorite Trans-Siberian Orchestra, fills the cool night air. Our entire family loves going here each year--even FarmBoy has started talking about going again.

So I know it is not Christmas yet, shoot, not even Halloween! Funny how my "random" facts has lead me into Christmas...and yes, I know I have problems!!

And that is all I wrote....mainly because I am currently bombarded with a crap load of work and shouldn't even be posting...but I just cannot resist!! I hope you all enjoyed!! Whoever wants to play along, please feel free to. Post a comment so that we can all go check out how incredibly "normal" you are!! Oh, and YEE HAW!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just a SWINGIN' {Friday Fiesta Foto}

Now how fun does this look! FarmBoy and Ky made this swing last week and put it up in an old tree we have in our back yard. She has been on it constantly!


I am just waiting for the screams of "MOM!! I HIT THE TREE" as I nurse a broken arm, but oh-well...since when do 10 year olds listen to their moms anyway. Besides, I must admit, there is some adrenaline that gets to flowing when you get too close to the tree...ah, yes....I've been a swingin' too!! I was scared to death of breaking the dang limb out of the tree, but here I am, still in one piece! Now FarmBoy, well, I tried to take him out, with my oh-so-long-slender legs (now THAT is funny people!!), and I almost wet myself. I had no idea that FarmBoy could bend like that! I have myself my own GUMBY!!

Like John Anderson sings..."And we were swingin', Yes we were swingin'".

{{For more great Friday Fiesta Foto's, check out Candid Carrie Better yet, join the fun!! See my oh-so-cute button on the right to get there too!}}

Happy Fall Ya'll

We went on a little adventure out into our woods Monday night, "Checking out the crops," as FarmBoy would say. Old Blue (now that is a classic farm truck if I have ever seen one) hauled us up the "old lane", Ky riding in the back with our other "puppies" and Little Man (who you met earlier this week) riding in the front seat between hubby and myself. This photo is of some of our corn on the east side of the woods. In the background, you can see that the woods surround this field--a great place for deer hunting (I only shoot with my camera!)


As you can see, it may be Autumn, but our leaves are still green, or all gone! I have GOT to plant some maples out here!!


Around to the right, there is a big clearing (our neighbor bails hay here) surrounded by woods. It is so amazing (so much so that I forgot to take a picture!!) to walk into the woods, so peaceful...and cool. In the summer, I will sometimes take Ole Blue and sit on the tailgate and read (FarmBoy brush hogs into the woods so I won't trip--I am a bit accident prone, go figure!) because it is always 10 degrees cooler in there. Well, long story short (ya right) we will take apples, melons, pumpkins, etc that have gone bad out there for the deer to eat...but we always throw the fruit at the trees, you know, to watch the fruit blow up. It is a great way to release tension, and we all know that Monday, after my car vs garage incident, I needed this. A blast was had by all...though FarmBoy was bummed because he had the biggest "air ball" of us all, which made Ky and I VERY pleased!!

We finally headed back, though Ky scrunched in the front with was pretty chilly. It is truly amazing how quickly it is getting dark now. I truly love this time of year, but hate to see the sun go down. This next pic is taken of the good ole' Mid-West Sky...I just love the amber colors.


So take a minute sometime soon and enjoy this beautiful time of year--Happy Fall Ya'll!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

FarmBoy's Buddy

FarmBoy loves this little guy, calling him "MACHO man..." in his Jolly Green Giant voice. Little Man (his REAL name) loves it because he indeed DOES feel Macho...being the only boy dog on the farm.


This photo is Little Man's pathetic attempt to make us feel sorry for him...needless to say, it only caused me to get the camera!

Just wanted to share!

Monday, October 13, 2008

What a day....

A typical Monday, some would say, but since when did waking up and going to work COST money? Leave it to me...I'd find a way. When the alarm went off this morning (when I thought it was Sunday), I should have just stayed put. We all were running around frantic-like, trying to figure out if it was Sunday or Monday...the arrival of the schoolbus confirmed it was indeed Monday. **UGH**

Pulling out of the garage was the icing on the cake...especially because my husband was there to witness my little "altercation" with the garage. It looked like I would truly prevail....I folded in the cotton-pickin mirrors and all!! (My Pacifica barely wedges in, maybe 2 inches to spare each side...may-be) Well, I guess it's a good thing I am not a gambler, because the garage won....$336 worth of damage! Can you IMAGINE!! I was freakin' fuming!

Called insurance (I have not had a ticket or claim in over 7 yrs) and those pocket book leeches told me that if I claimed it, it would cost me THREE POINTS!!! What does that mean, you means MORE money in premiums!! I have paid over...(I am getting a just a sec.........)

$ 10,000 in premium and they wanna charge me more! They are freakin' idiots!

So...any suggestions for good insurance? Cuz I am ready to tell him to stick it where the sun DON'T shine!

{{{Ok, I DO realize hitting the garage is my fault...I am not blameless, but getting ripped off---I ain't into that. So there, I admitted I was WRONG...but only for hitting the garage door!!}}}}

Monday, October 6, 2008

Freakin' Hilarious!!

Ok...I accidently stumbled across this and I wasn't impressed UNTIL I saw his "fatal" move! I cannot stop laughing!! The outfit is so funky fresh...I think I am going to get one for FarmBoy!! Enjoy!!! I sure as hell did!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Friday Fiesta Foto (A Priceless Moment)


My baby brother here with son #2. What an amazing reunion this past weekend of our families. He had served our country since before 9/11, and is now a full time dad. I am so incredibly proud of him...I just cannot even put it into words.

I was somewhat in awe as he was showing this little guy (my nephew) how to fish. Not that B understood a word. I think it was at this moment I realized how blessed we are as a share in priceless moments like this.

Brief Recap...


I know that the top of his head is cut off....I am not blind. I just could not keep up with this little bugger! But I got him with his tongue out! This is my little nephew at the park this past weekend. I am absolutely in love with this little guy!!


Yep, I got the other brother's head in this one! He would at least "semi-pose" for me! Again, at the park during my brother's visit home last weekend.


It was a beautiful reunion of our families. MG is now in Wisconsin, with his wife, 2 boys and precious baby girl. How did the weekend go by so fast? We sure hated to see them go, but felt so blessed to have spent the time together....

Keeping FarmGirl Entertained

Ok, so I needed a good giggle today. I am feeling a bit under the weather, just exhausted, really. So, I am trying to find things that get me "pumped" because I have quite a few hours ahead of me today (it is only freakin' 10:30 in the morning!!! AHHH, 5 seems too dang far away!!) This is my 1st installment, or rather ATTEMPT, to keep this day moving forward.