Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sun Dog 101

Well, what a beautiful weekend! I know it is Tuesday...but so what! Since when am I ever on time...unless it is for Friday Fiesto Foto Finish...

Last night was amazing. We went down to one of the irrigation lakes and went fishing. I was so excited because I was the only one catching anything. My hubby and I have an "unspoken" rivalry when it comes to fishing. I always lose, cuz I am by no means a pro, but last night...I was on FIRE!! Mike caught, nothing, nada, ZILCHO!! Poor Ky kept following me around, as soon as I'd catch a fish she'd ask ever so sweetly, "Mom, can I fish there now?" I let her, of course, because that was like salt in Mike's wound, because it is usually HIM that she is trailing behind! Anyway, enough about fishing, cuz that is only exciting for a few seconds, right!! haha

Ok, here are some photos I took last night...

This is of the sun...

This is the sun and a phenomenon known to my farmer hubby as a "Sun Dog" You can see a small glow in the left corner, mid-sky.


Now, here is the close up of the "Sun Dog" only...

Isn't that amazing. My hubby is an "old school" farmer and we read the almanac and have the funky calendar with a bunch of jibberish that tells you when it's good to fish, when you should trim your trees....I've still been looking for the one that says when I am supposed to pick my nose...I am sure there is a "right time". Anyway, a "Sun Dog" signals a weather change (for better or worse) will happen in 3 days. The "Sun Dog" was last night, so a change of weather can be expected Wed/Thurs. Interesting, eh? My hubby and father-in-law are firm believers in this. This is why I got a big kick out of fishing last night...the sign on the calendar showed a colored in fish--meaning good fishing. And Mike didn't catch a SINGLE ONE!!

Can I get a YEE HAW!!

See Folks, isn't my life SOOO exciting! It's the little things...that's what I live for!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sweet Corn For Sale!!

This is my Friday Fiesta Foto Finish for this week. I have mentioned Candid Carrie before, but if you haven't checked her out, you need to. It gives us all a great opportunity to share some of our favorite photos. Her blog rocks. I have a button on the right, so if you haven't go see her pronto!


Yes, Yes...another endearing pic of my little gal. As many of you know, we have been corn selling fools for 2 weeks. I always grumble about it (at least after the first few days, when the "this is neat" has worn off). Well, we are finally done. Almost 2 full weeks of bustin' our butts, but we are finished. This pic is of the last loader full of corn that we had. We sold/delivered over 200 dozen ears of corn...all hand picked by US! The only sad thing is that, I did not pick enough for me to freeze back for us. But, at this point in the game, I don't give a rats about that! We had so much fun though, tromping in the corn field and meeting so many great people at our produce stand.

Thanks for checking me out today....now if I could just find someone selling corn!! haha, oh, and YEE HAW!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Consider Yourself Tagged

A big howdy do! A friend of mine has graciously tagged me for this. Go check her UN-Spectacalar Things out: Plain and Simple, that's me!: Tag I'm It - Next it's YOU!#links
Since she has tagged me and now you all must endure more useless knowledge about myself. So here it goes....Six UN-Spectacular Things About Me . . . Here's the rules:

*Link the person who tagged you

*Mention the rules on your blog

*Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours

Tag 6 blogger's by linking them & leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they have been tagged. (ok, I am bending the rules...I just tagged all on my bloglist, and linked original tag...I am pooped out and lazy today! If you do this, just don't forget to comment on their blogs)

1) I recently, (last week, to be exact) fell in love with Stephanie Meyers "Twilight
Series" (I've freakin' tried to link these books to this list, but I am still in the beginner stage and am too ignorant to figure this out...ahhhhhhhhh)Anyway, I become full fledged OCD and read the entire series in 8 days...keep in mind I work 40hours a week! Now I am so bummed that there is not another book for me to obsess about.

2) I went down one of those big "Air Slides" this past weekend...it was a blast! We sprayed it down with armor al...ride of a lifetime!!

3) I cannot stand peas...never have. Even when I was a kid, mom says that I would find the peas in mixed veggies, and spit them out on the plate. I can tolerate sugar snap peas, but that is it!

4) I have eaten an entire medium pizza by myself before.

5) I was a nanny in New York...and wish I still kept in touch with the family.

6) I have insomnia...and take prescriptions for this.

Ok, I made it. I know they are short and sweet...and I tend to ramble on & on usually, but I am irked that I couldn't link pics of those books and I am off to go figure it out. Yes, I know...OCD! I can't help IT!!

I am tagging all those in my blog roll....this exercise has exhausted my brain, but I can't bring myself to delete and move on...or even get all the links. So this is my LAZY, FRUSTRATED version of a wonderful game that has left me feeling defeated. Ahh...the work day is almost over...I need a drink!

First day of SCHOOL!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

School Already?

Today was Ky’s 1st day back at school…. 5th grade, can you believe it? Hard to imagine this is her last year in elementary. She is playing with her trumpet now…. Dear Lord what was I thinking?? The poor dogs are all hiding, including Ladybug. When I got home tonight, Mike and Ky met me at the door, each holding their instruments—they called themselves the .... Jazz Band. It was funny, Mike tried playing his sax, and I tried the trumpet again…. it was pretty sad, really!! I don’t think either one of us have any hope for joining a REAL band anytime soon!


We went to Paris tonight…had to make a delivery for work, and then we went out to eat at the only restaurant in town, “Jonesy’s Diner”. It was a neat place. Nothing fancy. The old time bar w/ stools are still in the middle of the dining area w/ old wooden booths for additional dining. All kinds of junk, old and new, on the walls…the best part was that the kitchen was in true diner fashion—open for all to see. Ky was intrigued with the old-time milk shakes. She had strawberry, chocolate for me, and Mike had homemade coconut cream pie. We all were in heaven. When we were finished, Ky and I broke out singing a Beatles song together—it was on the radio. Our waitress and cook got a kick out of Ky knowing that song! Yes, I am one of “those” mothers! I make Ky listen to real, TRUE music…I have to make up for the Jonas Brothers somehow! UGH! This must be how my parents felt when I would go ga-ga over New Kids in the 80’s. Boy was I pathetic!

Now I must pause as Ky has entered the room with her beautiful trumpet. I will listen and do my best to ooh and ahh at all the right times…. in between the serenity prayer, of course….

(Ky begins playing the trumpet)

(My brain…who am I kidding…my entire BEING, with a twist of Motherly love, responding to the beautiful music)

“Ok…a sick dog has climbed into this trumpet and is dying a slow and painful death. An entire school year of wearing earplugs has now become my destiny!! Excuse me while I listen…enthusiastically, of course!”

Well, the house is now quiet again…the little trumpeter has gone to bed. I have never been so relieved to “strictly” enforce bedtime. And to think…she didn’t even have band class today. I know. I know. Don’t tell me, the best is yet to come? Thanks for the cliché, but I don’t need to hear that…literally!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Excuse me...Attention PLEASE!!

Alrighty everyone....no time like the present! I have a bloggy pal that is doing amazing things....and she is bustin' her lil' hiney to raise money for CANCER SUCKS!! I think this title is very well suited, don't ya think. My dad is a cancer survivor and my pal Polly just got her 5 year clean bill of health...a survivor of breast cancer! I can't tell you how terrified I am of cancer, as it claimed the life of my husband's mom in 1999. This woman is running in a marathon (currently training) for Team in Training in January & to raise money, she is making a cookbook. She has been nursing 2 stress fractures, on crutches, wheelchair and now back at it. She is also asking for stories about our loved ones who have faced "Cancer" head on. So far, she has not had anywone respond to her request...so I am asking all of you wonderful people....let's help her out! She is a hard workin' lady who faces many challenges, yet doesn't complain...she faces it head on, determined to make a difference. She is one to be admired by all...so please, run over to her site or even send these to my email, wagner31332@yahoo.com Together we can show her that we can all unite and make this a successful event...for all of us! Here is the link...

Plain and Simple, that's me!: URGET URGENT URGENT!!!!!!#links

Many thank yous! I am amazed by this woman's pure heart and determination. So thanks for the "attention"...you are now excused to make a difference to!! Oh, and YEE HAW!! (didn't think I could fit this in, did ya? HA I am a farmgirl afterall!!)

Friday Foto Finish #2

Ok, so I know that it isn't Friday, but this week has been crazy and I wanted to get this done while a had a chance. Yes, I am planning ahead! Hard to believe, I know, so mark it on your trusty calendar now!


This is a photo of Miss Haley. She is a daughter of a friend of mine...and I just happened to snap this just in time! Notice her crooked hat and her melting-oh-so-fast icecream cone! Again, this was out at our county 4H Fair...what a great photo op the fair turned out to be this year!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Yee HAW!!

Well, I only had a few minutes to check on my 2nd child...my blog! And much to my suprise...I have been listed as "saucy" on my dear SITS blog page! YEE HAW!! I am so excited! I have loved reading everyone's comments and will be checking you all out soon! We have been busy on our farm...the darn sweet corn in FINALLY ready! We have been pickin' our little hearts out and selling it like crazy! I know I work outside the home and all, but sheesh! I bust my hiney when I get home....farmin' is tough work, but good golly...SOO rewarding!

I met a great gal during my Quirky Facts I posted the other day...she is hilarious! Check her out:

Heaven's Gift: Share 13 of your Fun and Quirky Facts. I Dare Ya!

Thanks again for the saucy blog shout out on SITS...I am not feeling so saucy right now, just hot and sweaty (ugh). Well, hubby is knocking on the window...time to take more corn in to town! YEE HAW!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Fiesta Foto Finish

Today's featured SITS bloggy friend is Carrie. You can find her at http://carriestuckmann.blogspot.com/
She is loads of fun and does this great Friday Foto thing.

So, I too am going to join the fun and post my current most favorite photo.....


I just love this photo because Ky has really fallen in love with her baby "boys". You can't tell, but she is in her PJ's. We had worked the cattle that evening and we sent her in to shower--get ready for bed. Well, she was speedy this night and came back out so she could tell them good night. If you look, she has on her camo gum boots on too! This photo sums up my summer thus far...blessed. It's been spectacular, (except the rain, of course)!

If you would like to play along, post your fav foto today with a short description as to why. Leave me a comment with a link to your blog and I will add a link to your blog in mine! A fun way to end the work week! Enjoy!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

13 Fun and Quirky Facts about ME!

Ok, I was reading my fellow SITS feature today (yes, I am a day behind...duh!) Anyway, she was tagged by another blogger to complete this little survey. Go see, Burried with Children at http://mimitchells.blogspot.com . She is a lady after my own heart!! If you decide to do this, leave a link in my comments so that I can take a look as well.

So drum roll please.............

1. I must have my underwear folded in a certain way. You must fold each side into the middle, then fold up center to waistband and tuck. My household has finally learned to let mom fold the undies...it drives me crazy folded any other way!!

2. June bugs freak me out! The way they fly into your hair, pelt your forhead...they are just plain nasty! And crunchy!! I can't stand it when we are outside and they "gather" around the garage door light, then fall to the floor after headbutting the light bulb, only to be crunched under your flip flops! Gag!! Nasty, worthless bug!

3. I love LOVE Neil Diamond! He is a musical genious! I recorded the American Idol with him on it so that I can listen to him....I have a girlfriend that shares my passion who I MUST call everytime I hear him on the radio!

4. I must drink a Coke every day...just one. I love this stuff, even though I know it is bad for me! And Pepsi just doesn't cut it!

5. One of my most favorite stores to go to is Randolph Mercantile, in Moberly, MO. I can just roam in there for great lengths of time. It is a home decor store that mixes antiques & reproductions flawlessly with a hint of shabby chic flav with a dash of primitive. Christmas is the best time to go. She has this awesome old time sleigh out in the front of her store with real Christmas Trees piled in. Ahhh....I think it is time to take a little road trip. Last time my pal Angie and I went, we had to make 2 trips b/c it would not fit all at once. So we drove 40 minutes home, unloaded, and drove back. The place is addicting!!

6. Along with #5, I adore flea markets. We (hubby, Ky & I) will make a scavenger hunt list of things to find. We'll leave mid morning and travel wherever the road takes us, stopping at all the flea markets on the way. We have great fun! There is usually points assigned for each thing, but somehow the points never matter! Ky found this great jar w/ marbles in it, then shooters for each of us further down the road. We just love playing marbles!

7. I am addicted to reading. By addicted, I mean...can't stop once I start. My husband always groans when I purchase a new Jodi Picoult or James Patterson...cuz I will read until 4 am if I have to. I always tell myself that I will "read to the next chapter" but that never happens. I am a very fast reader. I read JK Rowling's last installment of Harry Potter in 3 days. I just have such a hard time putting it down b/c I want to know what happens!

8. I love playing scramble on facebook. Ridiculous, I know...but I like to see if I can beat my best score. I have sadly only made it into the top 10 one time!! So sad....isn't it! haha

9. This number just so happens to be the best number of all time. Love this number!

10. My new favorite color is orange...don't ask why...it just is. I don't want to paint any rooms orange (at least not yet!!), I just like to wear the color. I noticed this when I cleaned my closet out last week...I have lots of orange. My pal Ang used to make fun of me b/c I always had black or brown, so I try to pay close attention...I don't wanna be a drab bag!!

11. I am really sad that Warrick will no longer be on CSI...all the good people are leaving. I am trying not to panic, but even Gil is leaving! YIKES!

12. I am super angry at KRCG--Channel 13 (our CBS provider) Since they are demanding a 130 % increase for DISH Network to re-broadcast their signal, I am missing out on David Letterman and the news--the other channels only have idiots working for them...the news has been quite painful lately.

13. Mint choco chip icecream...yum yum!! Wish I was close to a Baskin Robbins!!

OK, now you try! I can't wait to see what you all have to say!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Stick a fork in me...I AM DONE!

Holy shiesters.......it is freakin' HOT!! And of course, this past weekend was our summer celebration where another family and us decided to venture to Six Flags...the Zoo....outside stuff, no biggie, right.....WRONG! Freakin' ass hot.....I bet I lost 6 lbs just from sweating. Thank goodness for Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags....because I was a hot momma ready to STRIKE!! I felt like one of those vipers cooped up at the zoo...just waiting to wig out. When we finally got in the "bath house", Ky looked at me and said, "Mom, I can't get my swimsuit up!" She was on the verge of a panic attack! I mean really, Six Flags, no airconditioning? Gimme a flippin' break! It was 103 degrees, not including heat index and no AC??? Are they idiots?? Finally got Ky's suit on her, then it was momma's turn....and boy howdy....I had to use my imagination and a little bit of chanting to get my suit on.....I was pretending I was in Alaska and chanting " c'mom MFr!!" Quietly of course, because of little ears...and Ky likes to "cash" in on my potty mouth--yes we have a curse jar, yet for some reason, Mike never pays. Anyway...finally made it into the suit and out of hell...I mean, the bath house.....what a joke.

Ok, now Kelly will probly kill me, but this was the funniest thing ever...we left Six Flags and their hell house behind to check into our hotel downtown..the Hyatt. We pull up, exhausted and nearly in tears b/c we all just wanted a shower and AC, so we open the back of the van and **SPLAT**!!!! A cooler dumps out onto the busy street, in front of the nice hotel and our beer, soda, water....and Kelly's bra fall out! I about pee'd my pants.....we were still in our swimsuits w/ towels around us, checking into this 5 star hotel, chasing beverages down the street. I know the clerk that checked us in was thinking "what the hell?", but oh well....what the clerk experienced is nothing compared to what the valet & bell boy did--loading our 6 coolers, suitcases and kid junk on a cart. They earned their tip, that is for sure!

So I survived our hot weekend get away with lots of laughs (the best way). Now if I can just survive the rest of this heat wave...sheesh! Oh, and rain...we are getting more rain! Can you believe that crap! Whoever is doing this rain dance thing...I will find you and hunt you down, so PLEASE STOP! Just kidding.....or am I?? Toodles til Later.........H