Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What's In YOUR Wallet?

Since I have a few moments to rant....I am going to post (finally) my current tribulations!! Life has an insane way of getting out of control without even REALIZING it!

Well, we finally had a little getaway last weekend, only to see the poor Cardinals get stomped by Detroit, fry the bottom of my feet at Six Flags (I would have thought the WATER park would have had WATER on their sidewalks....hmmm), and laugh my ass off when a poor unknowing sole had Llama spit for his afternoon snack!! It was a much needed getaway, with loads of laughter. I am sure you are wondering if this trip was our traditional "get-the-hell-out-of-dodge" trip we take each year with another "not quite right" family--it was indeed! This year, however, beer did not fall out of the back of the van w/ Miss KK's bra for all to see! I enjoy each FUNNY adventures every year!

So, for my belly ache for the day....lost my wallet. Like, pulled into Casey's for my rice krispy treat and had no wallet, kind of lost. I looked like a crazed lunatic, tearing my car apart, looking for my oh-so-cute zebra striped wallet. NOT THERE!! WTF??? Luckily, I have "saved" winning scratch off lotto tickets for a rainey day, and cashed those bad boys in so I could eat my Snap-Crackle-Pop treat! I didn't call FarmBoy--why give him a reason to complain! HA! I just figured I would look for it when I returned to my construction site of a home later tonite.


FarmBoy called.

FarmBoy: "Are you missing anything?"

FarmGirl: (cautiously) "Why?"
FarmBoy: (toying with me) "Just curious."


FarmGirl: "Oh for crying out loud...what is it?"
FarmBoy: (smugly) "Someone says they found your wallet along the highway....3 towns over."

(Shit shit shit)

FarmGirl: (trying to save face) "Ya, so?"
FarmBoy: "Do you want their number?" (I just can see him smiling, saving this "haha" for a rainey day)
FarmGirl: (sigh) "Ya, what is it?"

I called the lady, who found HALF my wallet, minus the cash and checkbook. Tonite I will begin my scavenger hunt for the other half of my wallet.